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give hugs not


6/28/05 04:44 pm

he he today i met this chick shes sooooo cool
unfortunately shes only here for summer skewl :(
cause she goes to poly (another skewl in lbc)
but yeah............ tht boi is so adorable i saw him today again
i was gonna say hi but
ill do it tommorow ekkkkkkkkke
i took new morbid pictures

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6/27/05 02:26 pm - gaaaaaawd i wanna be pretty

i just started summer skewl
i think im in love
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6/24/05 10:38 pm

i want a boi friend
but then i dont

i might move to arizona
but then i might not

i might run away and live with my "girlfriend" in san diego
but i dont think she'll want me there

i want to shoot my brains out
hahah but i wont

i might start taking my antidepression pills
but wts the point? hahah im bipolar THEY DONT EFFIN WORK hahah it sux

damn im a REtard
i might go grab a bag of fritos
but no im on a diet

Oi oi oi oi bang bang bang

masturbate masturbate shank shank shank

5/31/05 10:00 pm

free image hosting

free image hosting

uhhhhhh i tried :)

hows my life right now?
haha its there i dont pay much attention to it
urgh ive had 4 bf since the last time ive wrote
but i donno love and me dont mix
u knoe
haha i guess it'll be my hand and me fur life yo

4/20/05 06:17 pm


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4/11/05 09:45 pm

her kisses are like bullets
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4/7/05 10:06 pm

im running around in my undies singing put a lime in the coke haha dont ask

4/7/05 04:26 pm

uuuuurgh i crave it so much but i cant i dont wanna go back but its so hard.....

4/5/05 04:49 pm

i got dumped
i felt bad so i wrote a poem yeah here it goes
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4/1/05 02:23 pm

hmmmm...?so confused..

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